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Hundreds of Culinary members stand in long, cold lines to renew insurance

By TOM RAGAN LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL They came armed with marriage documents, birth certificates and in some cases their children by their sides, proof incarnate. Hundreds of bundled-up Culinary Local 226 members stood in long, cold lines Tuesday outside union headquarters in downtown Las Vegas to re-enroll in their health insurance programs, but not without […]

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Stand Up To The Union Bosses Seeking To Hurt Tourism In The Silver State

The local Culinary Union 226 is actively working to deter tourism to Nevada launching a travel alert site, discouraging couples from having their weddings in Las Vegas, and misrepresenting the very workers whose jobs they’re claiming to protect. The leaders of the local Culinary Union have gone too far. They’re hurting jobs rather than standing […]


Don’t Let Big Labor Make North Las Vegas The Next Detroit

The City of North Las Vegas is nearly bankrupt thanks in large part to Big Labor’s unrealistic demands and overinflated salaries. We don’t want what happened in Detroit to happen in North Las Vegas.